I know the idea sounds a bit CRAZY…but I promise you&your guests will LOVE my 3 recipes that I did with FLAVORED BEER! The first is a BEER MARTINI!!! I mixed Strawberry Colada SVEDKA vodka with passion fruit juice&topped it with a BERRY (flavored) Beer. YUMMY! The second is BEER&ICE CREAM FLOATS!!! I took Red Velvet Ice Cream&topped it with a CHOCOLATE STOUT BEER: AND THEN…I used Banana Split Ice Cream and topped that with a BANANA BREAD Beer. Oh YES I DID! And FINALLY…My BEER MIMOSA. It’s a nice twist to your average mimosa. I took my version of passion fruit juice and topped it with a nice Pilsner Beer that comes in a champagne bottle: Cork&All! CHEERS!!!




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