Cameron Diaz & Leslie Mann

Cameron Diaz, Me, & Leslie Mann. AKA Charlie's Angels REMIXED!

I don’t know one person that doesn’t like Cameron Diaz!

I’m not sure if it was “There’s Something About Mary” that had people fall in love with her; for me…It was her laugh.

Her personality (atleast through interviews I’ve seen with her) seemed like she’s just one of the girls that LOVES to do shots, have girl talk, and dance the night away; My kinda friend!

I was HOPING she lived up to my “good girlfriend” persona that was in my head when she came by the show and BOOM!!!…She did!

We laughed! We talked! We couldn’t do shots though..(because her and Lesile had tons of other interviews to do that morning) but they wanted too!

She was so cool that I didn’t want to make her feel awkward by asking her about her personal life; but I’ve always wondered HOW COME she never married???

She’s had some high profile relationships with Justin Timberlake, Matt Dillon, And A-Rod, yet she’s never tied the knot or had kids.

In previous interviews, she’s said that marriage was something that she wasn’t “drawn to” but I’d like to know WHY?

I’d like to know if she’s even been asked before?

To do shots with¬† Cameron Diaz is definitely on my bucket list…And hopefully when I get the chance to tequila it up with Cameron, I’ll get those answers.


Updated in December 2014: Cameron Diaz stopped by in December to promote her new film, “Annie.” We STILL didn’t do any shots, but we had a BALL laughing and talking: And I even told her one of my GREATEST pick up lines. LOL!



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