I had to be grown before I could appreciate a Bloody Mary. And even even grown-er to UNDERSTAND the sexiness of a Bloody Maria.

If you don’t know the difference, let me break it down for you. A “Mary” is done with vodka. A “Maria” tequila.

Neither the vodka nor the tequila was my issue with the Bloody’s though. My problem was, if you’re sitting in a bar and the bartender is making the mix “by hand” you RARELY get the same drink twice. It’s either too spicy. Not enough spice. Not enough this. Not enough that. It’s exhausting!

Well, let me introduce you to…”UBONS.” My goodness! Hands down, I’ve not tasted a better pre-made mix in my life. AND it’s ALL NATURAL. NO MSG. GLUTEN FREE. AND FAT FREE!!! How can you be mad at that?

And to make things just a little more interesting…You know I found a way to add Turkey Bacon AND Crab Legs my recipe!


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