STROLLING through the hallways at SiriusXM who just never know who you may run in to.

I was glad to run in to and meet Rick Ross though. Rapper, “Boss!” and face of Luc BelAir Rose. It was our first time meeting and I must say, he was REALLY nice: And not just to me, but the entire room.

He shook hands, took photos, and even told us how he, “listens to the radio show” a lot. I couldn’t help but notice though the entire time he was holding a bottle of “Rose.”  I wasn’t sure if he was giving out bottles of it, but I did let him know that I’m a mixologist and I needed some of his product to create recipes.

He told Young Sav (his right hand man) to, “Make sure I get a case” and sure enough…the case was deliver within a week.

I ended up creating what I like to call a “BLACK BOTTLE SANGRIA” that includes brandy, berry liqueur, berries, and of course “The Rose.” Enjoy!



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