Let’s be real…Besides an Amaretto Sour, I don’t know that many people sucking down Amaretto flavored drinks.  And the thing is, it’s not that “amaretto” is not a great flavor, but USUALLY when something tastes like almonds…we don’t “think drinks,”  we think cookies.

Well, Puffy or as my mom likes to call him “P Diddy” has always been the exception. He’s been a genius at making just about everyone  get with WHATEVER he’s doing. And the same can be said with is the CIROC brand.

I found myself a bit challenged though, to come up with something YUMMY, yet creative with an AMARETTO vodka. I drank. And DRANK. And drank samples of it, until it HIT ME! Puffy+Uptown (as in Uptown Records as in Harlem, NY) equals “COTTON COMES TO HARLEM.”

You would think that my brain would of stopped there, but thinking of Harlem also made me think about how EVERY TIME I’m in Harlem, I learn or see something new: (Especially when it comes to fashion.) So, I also created a cocktail inspired by the Louie Vutton Purse that had the cherries all over it that I first saw in….HARLEM.



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