Alicia Keys

Alicia stopped by and it was good to see her!

Yeah, I know that she has the topic of many “cocktail” conversations, but the truth of the matter is…She’s always been very nice to me.

I remember meeting Alicia for the first time in Atlantic City at one of her shows. Me, my bestie Sue, my cousin Kim, and my sister in law Liz took a trip down to one of the casinos to see her show with Neyo.

Alicia invited us back stage after the show to hang out, eat, and take photos with her.

The next time I saw her, we hung out at a club in the city, did shots, and watched a burlesque show.

Then there were a few different industry parties and I even got invited to her show in Bermuda!

Every time. Every occasion. She’s been nothing but nice.

I hadn’t seen Alicia in person since the Bermuda trip, so it was GREAT seeing her and catching up when she came by to talk about her “I Am Here” campaign.

It’s a movement about folks asking themselves “Why are we were?”

She went around the room asking each of us to write down and explain our answer.

My answer was SIMPLE!  “I Am Here to tell as many people as I can about GOD over Cocktails!”

The entire room smiled at my answer, nevertheless…it’s TRUE!

So much so that…Alicia said “Heather, after I drop this load (she’s currently pregnant with child #2) I need some of YOUR SANGRIA.”

I know GOD and cocktails normally don’t mix, but as a person who has been behind a bar for some time…You’d be surprised at some of the conversations that happen after a few of my cocktails are in someone’s system! LOL


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