A personal message from me to you…

Honestly, it’s hard for me to “write” things down about myself in terms of accomplishments. It’s not that I’m embarrassed or I can’t take a compliment, it’s just hard to take credit for things that have happened beyond your wildest dreams.

Initially, I set out to become a rapper. HOW I became an understudy to KRS-ONE in the 90’s is one of those “say WORD” stories. (Long story short; I attended the same college as Kenny Parker (who is Krs-One’s brother). KRS and I met through Kenny, he took a liking to me, I told him I was rapper, I waited countless hours for him at the studio, I made hundreds of phone calls to him, and basically GOT ON HIS NERVES until he saw that I was serious about becoming an artist.) He finally signed me.

I have always wanted to do television, but growing up my parents knew NOTHING about taking me to New York City, getting me an agent, or auditions. Finally in 1992, the opportunity came to audition for a documentary MTV was doing called “The Real World.” I was so frustrated with the music industry after only 2 years in the business, I thought “Why not TRY?” “What do I have to lose?” Little did I know, over 2000 people were “auditioning” and they were only choosing 7!

Miraculously, I became one of “the seven” and in 1992 when MTV launched it’s very first season of “THE REAL WORLD” the world had no idea it was change the future of television. Honestly, I still can’t wrap my head around “The Real World.” People stop me, even after 20 YEARS and say, “HEATHER B! Oh my GOSH!!! REAL WORLD SEASON 1 WAS THE BEST!” It always makes me smile when I hear that: And YES!!! I STILL keep in touch with Julie, Norman, Becky, Kevin, and Andre. (Ummm….I haven’t seen Eric: Except on tv.)

Now, it’s hard for me to sum up ALL the crazy things that have happened to me and how I got from “here to there” in a few paragraphs, but I have been BLESSED to do some LIFE CHANGING things: Music, Television, Film, Go to bartending school, and now Radio!

“The Happy Hour with Heather B.” is all about sharing experiences. From Mike Tyson calling ME a trouble maker….To me getting married in a $6.00 dress!!! AND the best part is….there is ALWAYS a cocktail involved!

I send out a toast to EVERYONE that joins me in “THE HAPPY HOUR with Heather B!” I would like to encourage you to leave your thoughts, comments, or even ask me my opinion on certain “cocktails.” And if you have a good cocktail recipe, send it to me…I’ll make it and try it out on the site!


On to the standard stuff…


From February 16 to May 18, 1992, Gardner filmed The Real World: New York, the first season of MTV’s reality television series, The Real World, on which she appeared as a cast member. The series premiered May 21 that year. On the show, she was depicted as a hip-hop artist with the group Boogie Down Productions, on the verge of getting her big career break. During the season, she is seen recording her album, The System Sucks.

According to MTV’s biography for her: “She has a lot of drive and dedication to whatever she is doing. She makes friends quickly and always speaks her mind regardless of the consequences.”

Gardner was affiliated with the rap group Boogie Down Productions, and was signed to Pendulum Records in 1995. In 1996, she released her first album, Takin’ Mine. The single “All Glocks Down”, an anti-gun violence anthem, received radio play, as did the follow-up single “If Headz Only Knew.”

In 1997, Gardner signed with MCA Records and in 1998 she released a two track single called “Do You”.

In 2002 Gardner produced her second album, Eternal Affairs, with production from Pete Rock and DJ Premier. The album met with positive reviews despite not charting on Billboard.

Outside of her music career, Gardner has appeared in various projects and television specials related to The Real World. She also appeared in the film The Wedding Video directed by Real World alum Norman Korpi, and a 2005 television commercial for America Online anti-virus software.

Heather B’s third studio album, Open Bar, which was executive-produced by DJ Premier.


Additional  Credits:

1990 - 
- Appeared on the song "& Deejays" from the RIAA certified gold selling album 
"Edutainment" by Boogie Down Productions
- Toured with Boogie Down Productions across the U.S. as a lyricist. Performed 
at Yankee Stadium & Oakland Stadium for the Nelson Mandela freedom celebrations. 
Performed at the legendary Apollo.
- Performed on The Arsenio Hall Show with Boogie Down Productions
- Appeared in the video "Love's Gonna Getcha" By Boogie Down Productions

- Appeared on the first ever live rap album & long form video, "Boogie Down 
Productions Live Hardcore Worldwide"
- Toured with Boogie Down Productions across the U.S. 
- Performed at the Earth Day concert with BDP
- Performed at the Central Park Summer Stage With BDP
- Contributed the song "Don't hold Us Back" on the benefit Human Education 
Against Lies (H.E.A.L) album "Civilization vs. Technology"
- Signed a recording contract with Edutainer/Elektra Records

- Provided vocals for the song "13 & Good" by Boogie Down Productions
- Appeared in the video for "13 & Good" by Boogie Down Productions
- Provided 2 songs for the reality television show "The Real World (season 1)" 
for MTV
- Released the 12" single "I Get Wreck" on Elektra Records. The single spent 4 
weeks in the top 10 of B.E.T.'s Rap City and peaked at #22 on the Billboard Rap 
Singles Chart

- Signed to Pendulum/EMI Records
- Released the single "All Glocks Down". 
- "All Glocks Down" Stayed on the Billboard Rap Singles chart for 25 weeks 
straight, peaking at #15
- "All Glocks Down" reached the top 10 of B.E.T.'s Rap city for 4 straight weeks
- Performed "All Glocks Down" on the Legendary Soul Train television show
- Toured the U.S. as a solo act, sharing the bill with such classic artist as 
The Notorious B.I.G., Ice Cube and Naughty By Nature among others.
- Featured in the Vibe Magazine's "Next" section as well as being voted "best 
new female rapper of 1995" by the Vibe Magazine readers.

- Released the single "If Headz Only Knew" on EMI Records which spent 20 weeks 
on the Billboard Rap Singles Chart, peaking at #20
- Released her debut album "Takin' mine" on EMI Records which entered the 
Billboard R&B Chart at #36. Takin' Mine received critical acclaim and positive 
reviews from magazines like The Source, Billboard, Rap Pages and Entertainment 
- Released the single " My Kinda N*gga" featuring Legendary Hip-Hop group M.O.P.
- The only female mc to be featured on the "50 MC's Mixtape by DJ Tony Touch
- The only female to ever record an album at the legendary D&D Studio.

- Released the independent single "Cloud Nine"

-Signed to MCA Records
- Released the single "Do You" , Which spent 4 weeks in the the top 10 on 
Billboards Rap Singles Chart, peaking at #7. "Do You" also cracked the Billboard 
Hot 100 pop chart, peaking at # 89
- "Do You" also made Billboard's "The Year In Music (1998) Hot Rap Singles chart 
as one of the top 50 rap songs of the year
- in 2013 Complex magazine listed "Do You" as #23 of The 50 best Rap Songs Made 
By A Women in Hip Hop History
- Appeared on "My Kinda N*gga ll" off the M.O.P. Album "First Family For Life"
- selected by Rap Pages Magazine as one of the "Noize Makers" of 1998
- Toured the U.S. as a solo artist

- Released the single "Guilty" produced by DJ Premiere

-Released the single "Steady Rockin" Produced by DJ Premiere

- Released the album "Eternal Affairs"

Other notable songs; "The Game Don't Stop," "Flyin' High," and "Dreamer." 





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