Let’s toast to…THE GOD IN YOU



I was so happy to FINALLY meet Erica (Leopard dress) and Tina from MARY MARY!!! And the BEST part about meeting them? They were non-judgmental. You know how sometimes when you meet people (especially holy rollers) and they can make you feel like you can’t be yourself? Well…That wasn’t the case with them! They cracked jokes with us, on each other AND…My girls came in high heels, full make-up and sexy dresses that showed off their figures: I LOVED IT!

Of course we jumped right in and asked them about their outfits and Tina quickly said, “I have 5 CHILDREN…and I got tired of dressing like my kids mom, instead of my husband’s wife.” Erica agreed (she has 3 children) as she sat their rocking her skin tight leopard dress and red lip stick. Now since we do a hip hop show, we wanted to get their perspective on “gospel” rap. They said, “they like it.” “BUT…they don’t like when gospel rappers aren’t original.” Tina even mentioned how, “SOME gospel rappers try and diss the popular rappers, yet they sound just like them.” GOOD POINT.

I wanted to ask them about being sisters and working together, but as they were sitting there it dawned on me that I don’t see them on “SUNDAY BEST” anymore. I liked MARY MARY before they started doing “SUNDAY BEST” (their songs “SHACKLES” & “THE GOD IN ME are my jams) but I wanted to know WHAT HAPPENED?…So, I ASKED and THIS is what they said> “There was a scheduling conflict with shooting and we chose to do our reality show instead of SUNDAY BEST.” Now Me? I get that, (things happen) but WHY they (the network) ain’t try to work around that? I’m just saying…MARY MARY is one of the reasons why I even started WATCHING the show.

The more I kept looking like, “something don’t sound right.” The more they just kept smiling at me. Lol! FYI> I THINK there was some “shadiness” going on, but they stayed classy and didn’t address it. They did however talk about how they respond to certain “church” folks who try and criticize them for the type of gospel music they make. Erica and Tina both had something to say, but Erica said with conviction…”WE set out to make gospel music FOR THE WORLD!” In other words, they’re making music for ALL AGES! For ALL races!

You know, people will ALWAYS try to find something wrong with what you’re doing…Even when you’re doing what you have been called you to do. Talking to MARY MARY reminded me of a quote that I read when I was more focused on “what people was gonna say about me” rather than “THE GOD IN ME!”

And I QUOTE>>> “Don’t be distracted by CRITICISM. The ONLY taste of success some people may have is when…they take a bite out of you.”


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